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is our job.

In Kogi con we believe that every path to success begins deep inside one's head.

Ability of F1 driver to fully concentrate, along with the support of their organically functioning team, is in a highly stressful environment a critical prerequisite for correct and perfectly timed decisions leading to victory.

As the F1 pilot's knowledge of the racing circuit is key to winning, so is knowledge of territory for a successful sales team.

And this is true both on the track and in business.

We transform companies into a powerful, sales orientated organism.

Our services focus on transforming each company into sales orientated organisation from goals through to processes, to the change of habits of every single employee.

To achieve this we use a unique combination of functions of the human brain and a variety of public and corporate data.

Business consulting

Human brain has a high degree of plasticity. It is able to quickly remove useless links and create new efficient interconnections. We do the same thing. In the brain and on the map.
We set the Go-to-market strategies; we break down dysfunctional sales channels, build new ones, we change territories and set tools for business management thanks to our external perspective on the business.

In the brain and on the map.

Go-to-market Strategy and Transformation

According to recent research, 95% of organisations do not exploit their data for business management. Their attention is fragmented, lacks focus and consistency.

We can identify major opportunities for growth of your company, establish sales strategy for target markets and implement necessary changes that will increase the turnover sometimes up to several tens of percent. And in the shortest time possible while minimizing risk in managing change.

Customer Targeting

Retailers, sales representatives, traders at the branches are still one of the most effective channels of distribution for companies. However, at the same time also the most expensive.

In today's market, where 'you have to achieve more with less', companies must be able to maximize their return on their Sales Force. By targeting.

By using a combination of your and our data we will direct your Sales Force to specific companies and end customers. We will help you to reach full potential in the market, thanks to targeting. Without wasting energy and time.

Activity Planning

Key to implementing organisation's strategy is planning and management of right activities and elimination of unproductive ones. Lets adjust activities so that sales representatives spend as much face to face time with the customer. At the same time we set the tools for their management and evaluation.

Sales Performance Management

Many companies are still wrongly driven by results and not performance. They confuse the means with the ends. We set up and implement performance indicators. In addition, thanks to our software Kogi CLEVER® each manager and sales rep has data available about their daily performance and can make an informed decision to meet their KPIs.

Territory Management

Each location is limited. It is clearly defined, with clear parameters. We divide territories as generals over the map. According to the density of potential and existing customers and their value to the company. Each sales representative working with us, has a determined exact schedule and frequency of visits with a minimum of unnecessary journeys and non-commercial work.

A-HA! Efects

People are afraid since the beginnings. They are afraid of lightning, rain, foreigners, changes. When an insight occurs in the human brain and the brain understands the connections and creates meaningful explanations, it rearranges its structure and just then companies can enforce changes, change the corporate culture, improve performance, experience success. Creation of AHA effects is behind all of this. And that's where we excel and are the best.


We have successfully facilitated thousands of workshops in companies across the market and created a lot of A-HA! effects that lead to good decisions.

We are speeding up the process of creation of A-HA! effects in group of any size. And with clear conclusions that we can collectively implement within the company.

Individual and team coaching

Over 20 years of coaching experience with references. We do not limit it to any specific school or certification. We prefer only the results and benefits for the individuals and thus the company.

Thanks to our coaching contracts we accelerate the process of achieving goals while increasing accountability for individuals' decisions and motivation.

Assessment & Development Centre

We create competency models for business and managerial roles. We have hundreds of Assessment Centres behind us, thanks to which we put people into the right positions.
When cooperating with us Development Centres are often starting point of projects focused on changing habits of sales network.

360° Feedback

Feedback, combined with the tool of Johari Window, is often the way to creating a strong A-HA! Effect. With our rich experience in market research we set the entire design of 360 degree feedback, including questions, scales and evaluation.

Outdoor experience

For 15 years outdoor activities have been for us means not the end. We design one to several meetings outside the company with the goal of looking at everyday reality through outdoor activities. Thanks to our reflection companies get insights into the nature of their successful functioning and often also explanations of the causes of failure and poor performance. These conclusions are then included in adjustment of the strategy for the markets.

Hogan Assessment Inventories

To increase the performance of the company, you have to know your people. We are certified to use Hogan Assessment Inventory, personality diagnosis, which companies use to identify strengths and weaknesses related to the concrete position. With this diagnosis you can predict the performance of the employee, his/her motivations, values and how he/she will solve the problems he/she will face.

Filip Černý

In 1994 I was one of the first in the Czech Republic who entered the world of systemic view of the world. I went through a three-year training, which taught me the art of pragmatically and quickly finding useful solutions. " Do not help , be useful" became my life motto. This is what I go by throughout my 20- year career, during which I gained tens of thousands of hours of practical experience across market verticals.

Jaroslav Jíra

The last 15 years I spent in various positions in the financial sector, consulting and market research, where I met with hundreds of eterpreneurs from SME & corporations. Most recently as managing director of the branch network in Česká pojišťovna where I successfully led a team of 700 employees. In the past, I held similar positions at GfK, HVB Bank Czech Republic, CREDIT SUISSE LIFE & PENSIONS and KB.

Filip Černý
Managing Partner
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Jaroslav Jíra
Managing Partner
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Irena Špačková
Office Manager
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